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Little Oochoos & Mommy's Precious are our brand created by Smart Kreations Pro Enterprise. We sell our brands on and we manufacture and make our own brand. 

How Little Oochoos & Mommy's Precious started


We are parents ourselves and we know how hard it is to raise a child and we need all the help we can get. So we sought out to design and make baby products that we believe to be beneficial to all parents. We put a lot of thought into our research and development to ensure all the little complaints and quirks that we found with existing items were addressed and improved upon with our products. We hope that with these improvements it will make your lives easier as parents as there are less things to worry about other than enjoying the time with your little ones. 

We manufacture our own brand and do not sell wholesale to any other parties. We only sell on Amazon FBA and on our own website. 

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